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UNESCO World Heritage Site

The cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine, bordered in the North and South by the towns Koblenz, Bingen and Rüdesheim, has been on the list of the UNESCO World - Heritage Sites since 2002. This special list contains cities, towns, villages and places of particular cultural value in the whole world that are regarded as a heritage for the whole mankind.
When awarding  the world-heritage status to the Upper Middle Rhine, the UNESCO paid tribute to the cultural landscape´s variety and beauty. Special reference was paid to the area´s unusually rich cultural history and art. The region owes its unique features to the natural formation of the river landscape, but also to the changes made by the people who live there.

The world-heritage-region stretches for 65 km along the river valley and cuts through the steep slate hills of the wine growing region Mittelrhein. 

What can you discover in the romantic  landscape of the Middle Rhine?

You will be astounded by the great number of castles, towering over pretty medieval towns with their historical buildings or hiding in the forrest of the romantic valley. Furthermore, you can find an excellent cuisine, internationally renowned  vine-growing estates and various cycling- and walking-routes. One of the most attractive trails is the “Rheinsteig”. Between Bonn, Koblenz and Wiesbaden it leads on 320 km through woods and vineyards with spectacular views, mostly on narrow paths and challenging ascents and descents. Perfectly signposted, the Rheinsteig invites you to enjoy ambitious long-distance rambles or a rich variety of short tours, all accessible by train, ship and car, close to various airports. 




Upper Middle Rhine
World Heritage Site

Der Limes
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