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The over 40 castles of the Middle Rhine Valley belong to the most outstanding landmarks of the region. They  align in a unique density along the Rhine-river between Bingen and Bonn like beads on a string and are an important element of Rhine Romanticism.

It is hardly surprising that there are so many castles in the Middle Rhine Valley. Most of them were built to collect customs duties and to bear witness to the power of the castle owners. Today many of the buildings are being  used as museums, hotels, restaurants or even youth hostels.

This gives you the unforgettable opportunity to experience the medieval way of life. Expositions provide an insight into the medieval society and castle festivals and markets that take place in some of the castles every year bring the Middle Ages to life.

Feel like Sleeping Beauty as you lie in a four-poster bed or try your luck with a sword as a famous knight in shining armour in one of the medieval competitions.

You will love it.



Burgen,Schlösser, Altertümer

Burgen am Rhein

Castles Along the Rhein River
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